Friday, 20 May 2022

Zephyr Airworks Mule ZK-UZA

Noted last month at the RNZAF Museum at Wigram was the Zephyr Airworks Mule SPA ZK-UZA 
c/n 002. 
First listed as N302XZ to Kitty Hawk Corporation of Mountain View, California from 02-08-2017.
It came to NZ and became ZK-UZA with Zephyr Airworks LLC of Wellington on 03-10-2017, with a change to Wisk New Zealand LLC from 12-10-2020.
It was withdrawn and cancelled on 13-04-2021.
An early post on this aircraft can be see at :-

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Fletcher FU24 ZK-BII

 Fletcher FU24-950M ZK-BII c/n 36 first flew back on 20-12-1955.
It was spotted today at Hastings by Des Smith.
Note the small letter "i" hidden in the registration letters on the fin.
It has been with Don Hart of Skyfarmers and based near Methven since mid 1991.

Cessna 172S ZK-NAY

Noted at Ardmore this week was the former Nelson Aviation College Cessna 172S ZK-NAY2,  now minus all the College's scripting and emblem.   It was imported from Australia in 2019.


Saturday, 14 May 2022

A couple of Vans RV7s

Amongst the visitors to Pauanui this morning before the rain set in were a couple of Vans RV7s,  being our latest RV7 registrant up from Tauranga,  RV7A ZK-MEL3 which was imported from the US earlier this year.

And the tailwheel RV7 ZK-WOS2 which was imported from Australia in 2019 for a Napier owner,  moving onto its current Whitianga owner in late 2021.

 The RV7 is our most popular Vans model with 31 currently registered.

Bombardier Global Express N372BC

 Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global Express N372BC c/n 9413 has been noted parked at Hamilton and Auckland and more recently at Nelson Airport next to the Crash Fire unit since 23-04-2022.

Photo at Nelson from Bill Mannix.It started life as C-GGFJ, then to M-GLOB and G-GLOB and then to N372BC with Air BC in October of 2021.

It then disappeared into the books of the Bank of Utah from 25-10-2021 and appears to be blocked from the 'flight radar' platforms.

Question time.

 A photograph taken by Des Smith alongside State Highway 2 near Napier back on the 12th shows the Fairchild Hiller FH1100 ZK-HKN c/n 158 which has been with Sowersby Engineering Ltd since July of 1993.
No problems with that !
The question is :-

Can anyone identify the red helicopter on the left of the photo ?

Rangiora on Friday the 13th.

A beautiful still cool morning at Rangiora had Don Payne out in his recently restored Pterodactyl Ascender ZK-EZC c/n MAANZ/087.
Don has an airstrip on his property within the Christchurch Control Zone and has fitted ZK-EZC with a VHF radio and a ADSB.

Also out and about was the Zenair CH701 SP ZK-ZMX c/n 7-9741 of Jamie Bertie.

And parked out to allow others to exit the hangar was the Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-TIA c/n 7-4514 of Chris Anderson.

Ravensdown Aerowork had their Company 'hack' Cessna A185E ZK-LJG c/n 185-1009 down from Whanganui with a team working on their Cresco in the background. 
In an earlier lifetime this was ZK-COH, a ski plane with The Mount Cook Group.

And another shot of the CRAC Tecnam Echo MkII P92 ZK-RGE c/n 1657.

Friday, 13 May 2022

And Another Jet

I had to make a trip down to Ardmore today for an replacement Dzus fastener for my Jodel's cowling.  Thanks to Warren Denholm for rummaging around a box of fasteners to come up with one that was suitable.  As always there was interesting aircraft restoration going on inside Avspecs, and outside was the CAC CA-27 Avon Sabre A94-922:

This aircraft was associated with Jerry Yagen and I wonder if it is going to have some work done on it?  (In the background is a quite different single seat aircraft).

A couple of new Tecnams and a Jet

A brief visit to Tauranga Airport today found our latest 2 Tecnam imports being P2008JCs ZK-TBT2 and ZK-TCT on assembly for Oamaru based NZ Airline Academy.

They are destined to replace P2008s ZK-DDY2 and ZK-LBI, which are both for sale on Trade Me.

Outside Classic Flyers was the Cessna A37B ZK-JTL which has been registered to Jet Trainers Ltd, Ardmore since 1992.


Thursday, 12 May 2022

Something Really Different at Kaipara Flats Today 12-5-2022

After several years of inactivity in hangars at Kaipara Flats airfield, Kevin Mills' Aero Gare Sea Hawk ZK-SEA completed a new Annual Inspection today and it was outside running and checking out a new prop that produced better static RPMs.

It was a spectacular day for flying in the North today, so after the Annual was signed off in the late afternoon Kevin took it out for a flight in perfect conditions and lovely late afternoon sun:

Annual completed.

After a thorough pre-flight inspection Kevin taxied out.

and into the very low late afternoon sun.

After a couple of high speed taxy runs he was off!

Climb out with the undercarriage up.

A very distinctive silhouette.

Looking good on approach.

And in for a nice landing.  Kevin flew several circuits and the Sea Hawk looked real good!

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Lockheed L-12A Electra Junior VH-HID

 Lockheed L-12A Electra Junior VH-HID c/n 1262 departed Wangaratta for Taree and Lord Howe Island on 08-05-2022.
It did the Lord Howe to Norfolk Island and Auckland run yesterday and carried on to Timaru and Wanaka today to its new owner.

All photographs from Simon Brown at Timaru today.

Pretty neat for an eighty three year old.

Monday, 9 May 2022

Wanganui on 8-5-2022

Jordan Elvy visited Wanganui airport on Sunday and found a couple of interesting aircraft in the aero club hangar:

Jonathan Mauchline has recently been restoring this first generation microlight Skycraft Scout Mk III ZK-RWW (c/n HAR 1998), and as can be seen it is nearly ready for test flying.

Actually it was re-registered by CAA today, 9/5/22, having been previously withdrawn from use at Wanganui in September 2001.  I like the motorcycle fuel tank!

And another interesting aircraft in the hangar was the Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-WHC which I haven't seen since early 2004.  After being owned in the Wairarapa for many years, ownership transferred to a Wanganui owner on 10/8/21 and now has Whanganui in small letters on the fin fillet.

Thanks for the photos Jordan. 

Maule ZK-MEZ.

                By my count we have had twenty five Maule’s of various models on our register. 

The latest arrival has become ZK-MEZ for Southbranch Farm Ltd on the outskirts of Christchurch. This is a Maule M-5-235C Lunar Rocked which graced the US register as N56296 for just one day on 9 November 1978 listed with Maule Aircraft Sales Pty Ltd of Armadale, NSW with whom it became VH-MEW on 13 February, 1979.

Early operators include S Anderson of Alice Springs followed by Merine Pty Ltd at Camden, NSW from 20 April, 1989. 

Photo below shows VH-MEW at Camden, NSW on 23-05-2007 from Ray Barber/Air Britain.

From May 2007 it was with ATACS Consulting Services Pty Ltd at Grabben Gullen, NSW with it being re-registered as VH-MEZ on the 21st.
It then spent time in Western Australia, South Australia and finally with Terry Wakeham at Croobyar, NSW from March 2021. 
With just on 3000 airframe hours it was ferried from Moruya to Port Macquarie on 21 March, 2022, to Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands on the 22nd and then to Auckland and Kaikoura on the 23rd, and Rangiora on the 24th
Above VH-MEZ at Rangiora on 24-03-2022 from Aaron Murphy.
 Its NZ certification was done at Rangiora Aircraft Engineering where it became ZK-MEZ on 7  April 2022. 
Southbranch has previously operated the Cessna 180 ZK-FDO2, the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HKJ3, Cessna 180B ZK-REN and more recently the Cessna TU206F ZK-OAY.

Above ZK-MEZ at Rangiora late yesterday 08-05-2022 from John Wagtendonk.

Sunday, 8 May 2022

Air Tractor ZK-SKF going .........

The Air Tractor AT-504 ZK-SKF2 c/n 504-4015 was built in the USA as N8520L in Olney, Texas.

It was registered in NZ  as ZK-SKF2 on 23-07-2012 to Skyfarmers Aviation Ltd of Methven.   

On arrival at Timaru Airport it was assembled and certified by Avtek Ltd and first flew as such on 03/08/2012.

Above and below from Allan Bowman near Rangiora 04-11-2012.

Below I caught it at Ashburton on 07-02-2015.
Its New Zealand registration was cancelled on 05-05-2022 as destroyed.

Above as seen at Timaru today 08-05-2022 by Simon Brown marked as VH-NUV2

Northern Aviators Club at Kaipara Flats Today 8-5-2022

Another Sunday and another AGM, this time the Northern Aviators Club Annual General Meeting preceded by a BBQ in the Rodney Aero Club hangar.  Several club members flew in including Malcolm Forsyth is his newly acquired Tecnam P 2008:

As he approached for a landing I thought the P 2008 looked smart through my viewfinder,

and then I twigged that ZK-ZZB had had a repaint in a nice blue colour trim (it used to be grey) with new fuselage stripes. It has been registered to Malcolm since 30/3/22

And NAC member Neil Wright took off for a local flight in his newly acquired Fantasy Air Allegro ZK-DCU.  Neil has owned the Allegro since 26/2/22.

A Modified Beech Model 18 at Kaipara Flats 7-5-2022

As there does not seem to be much happening concerning aircraft on the blog recently, I offer maybe the next best thing:

This is a very impressive model of a modified Beech Model 18 (redesignated as a RC 45J) built and flown by Colin Austen.  It is one quarter scale with a wingspan of 12 feet and weighs 38 Kg!  It is powered by two 62 cc two stroke petrol engines.  Being this big and heavy it is classed as a Cat 2 model by CAA and yesterday it was flying off its required one hour test flying.

You can see the history of the real thing HERE

Thursday, 5 May 2022

An early pie run to Rangiora

On the Western grass at Christchurch was the Cessna 182R Skylane ZK-OAD c/n 18268127.This came from OZ as VH-AOD2 and became ZK-OAD with Brendan Morrison of Mosgiel on 15-03-2018.

Over at Heli Maintenance was the Hughes 369E ZK-IOB c/n 0252E as operated by Mackenzie Helicopters Ltd of Fairlie. It has been with then since February 2020.

The Hughes 369D ZK-IKL c/n 800753D has been a  long time project at Napier and has very recently joined Mackenzie Helicopters.

Out at Rangiora the Pipistrel Alpha Electro ZK-EAL4 c/n 942 AE 60 of Electric Air was out to allow other aircraft to be hangared.

The CRAC latest acquisition is Tecnam P92 Echo Mk II UL ZK-RGE c/n 1657 listed to them on 05-04-2022.