Saturday 17 December 2022

New Piper Hatchet ZK-NJT

The Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk N24634 c/n 38-79A1139 was containered into Nelson in July 2021.
This very derelict example which had been extracted from the USA was trucked to JEM Aviation at Omaka for a major refurbish for the Walsh Aviation Support Society Inc.
It is seen below on 13-09-2021 awaiting parts and a slot in the JEM workload.
Work included new avionics with dual Garmin G5's, new intercom, VHF and ADSB.
It was Aquamax water blasted ready for a full repaint followed by a new interior and engine.
Then an import CofA and registration to ZK-NJT from 25-11-2021.
Its first flight as such I believe was on 12-12-2022 from Omaka.
Photo below was taken that day.
More JEM Aviation magic
This airframe (c/n 38-79A1139) gained its airworthiness certificate on 07-12-1979 with Piper Aircraft as N24634 and was listed to Alaska Transportation Co of San Jose, California in January 1980 for onward sale to Nolan Enterprises Inc of Long Beach, California from July 1980.
In October 1981 it moved to Honor Corporation of Glendora, California only to be damaged on 22-12-1981 in a typical bounce, porpoise -  ending with nose damage.
From 11-06-1992 it was with Randy Foster of Buena Park, California with a transfer to Marlene Foster from 01-02-2005. 
Its US registration was cancelled on 02-032021.
As an aside the next c/n 38-79A1140 became ZK-LFZ and ZK-TDL.

WASSI also list ZK-MUM and ZK-MAJ with ZK-FML currently on lease to the Wellington Aero Club and ZK-JHF with the HB&EC Aero Club.


  1. Thanks for the coverage BlueBus...the aircraft was imported not in a derelict state as it was flyable, however just needing an overhauled engine within a few hours of flying time. It certainly ended up a longer project than planned or expected due to world events, however the team at JEM Aviation have done a brilliant job. ZK-NJT will be proudly attending the 56th Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School at Matamata Airfield during January 2023! Cheers

  2. Can i ask if the letters NJT have a special meaning ?

  3. They have a very special meaning.