Saturday 3 December 2022

Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-FWD

 The Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-FWD2 c/n 7-3674 appeared on our register on 28-11-2022 with Josh Stainton of Waiau, North Canterbury.
This is a preloved import from Australia were it first appeared as 19-3867 on the AUF register on 30-01-2003. 
It was transferred to the 'normal' aircraft register to become VH-BTA3 on 11-08-2003 for the constructor Bruce V Thomas of Nulla Vale, Victoria.
Title changed to Outback Opals Pty Ltd of Cunnamulla, Queensland from 10-12-2007 with it being moved it back onto the AUF register as 19-5728 from 04-01-2008.

It was noted as such at Rangiora in March of 2021.
These two photos taken at Rangiora on 01-02-2012.

The original allocation of the ZK-FWD letters were to a UFS Trike/Lancer 4L between Marck of 1990 and is cancellation as destroyed on 28-07-1997.

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