Sunday 4 December 2022

Northern Aviators Club Flying at Springhill 3-12-2022

The Northern Aviators Club held their Christmas BBQ at Springhill yesterday along with the Auckland Chapter of the Sport Aircraft Association of NZ.  The weather really co operated after a month of triple the usual rainfall in the North of the country so there was a lot of pent up sport flying energy around and lots of aviators flew in, as well as quite a few who drove in (like me, but someone has to bring the sausages!).

I counted 26 aircraft attending and remarkably they were of 25 different types.  (There were two Aeroprakt Vixxens).  Here are a selection on departure:

Alan Coubray and Martin Farrand in Alan's Stinson Voyager ZK-STN over from Whitianga.

Steve Horne in his Cessna 182P ZK-SGH with its Peterson STOL conversion from Ardmore.

Rodger Coleclough in his Searey ZK-SRY came from North Shore.

Stephen Jeffrey flew John Harris's Celier Xenon gyrocopter ZK-ZMY in from Mata with John in the second seat.

Andrew Rossack in his Maule MXT7-180A ZK-RLT from North Shore.

and Garth McGearty in his Glastar taildragger ZK-PGP lifts off back to Ardmore.

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