Friday 2 December 2022

Pilatus Turbo Porter ZK-MCN

Pilatus PC-6 /B2-H2 Turbo Porter c/n 824 was first registered with the manufacturer Pilatus Flugzeuwerke at Stans, Switzerland as HB-FCV2 on 16-12-1982.

It was ferried out from Stans on 22-12-1982 to reach Auckland, New Zealand on 05-01-1983 and then on to Christchurch the following day where its Swiss registration was cancelled.  Noted above at Christchurch as HB-FCV on 06-01-1983 by Michael Tanner.
It was registered in NZ on 10-01-1983 as ZK-MCN to The Mount Cook Goup Ltd of Christchurch and also first flew as ZK-MCN this day. 

It became fleet number "35"At Mount Cook on 11-12-1986 with the Mount Cook Ranunculus (Buttercup - not a Lily) on its fin.

Shortly after this it was upgraded to B2-H4 status with door and fuselage strengthening and the more obvious enlarged dorsal fin and fibreglass extended wing tips and it first flew as such on 23-07-1987. Also the MCTOW was pushed up to 2800kg.

Operator titles changed with Company changes - It was transferred to Tourism Holdings Ltd from 01-07-1998, then to Aoraki Mount Cook Ski Planes Ltd on 20-12-2002, and then to Inflite Ski Planes Ltd from 27-10-2015.

Below is a small selection of photos of ZK-MCN.

At Queenstown on 18-03-1991 in Mount Cook Airline titles and showing fleet number 35 and large Mount Cook 'lily' on the tail.
In the office 09-12-2003.If you have ever wondered what is under the bonnet -As seen on 17-12-2003.One PT6A.
The engine seemingly mounted backwards as the air intake is below the engine and enters into the rear with the exhaust up front near the propeller

A great photo on the Glacier from Trevor Slack on 13-02-2006 with Mount Cook Skiplanes titles.
On 15-08-2006 - prop spinning and rotor turning.
A sign of the future with rotary wings taking over from the fixed wing.
As noted at Pukaki on 22-09-2012.
The terminal building was built following the 2002 fire.
However, this photo was taken on 13-11-2013.
Back at Mount Cook on 24-01-2015.
Above. A recent poster to "Ski The Tasman" with ZK-MCN with Inflite / Mount Cook Skiplanes and Helicopters titles.

It would appear that heavy maintenance is now carried out at Ardmore with two views of ZK-MCN as seen at Ardmore

Above on 17-11-2022.      And below on 19-11-2022.

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