Monday 12 December 2022

Maule M-4-210C ZK-DON at Waipukurau

Ron Day has sent in a photo of the Maule M-4-210C ZK-DON taken at Waipukurau recently:

ZK-DON (c/n 1100C) has been around since 1973 and is the first Maule aircraft to be registered in New Zealand, and it is the only M 4 model we have ever had.  We have since had another 30 Maules of various models registered here.  Its registration is not personalised (such as ZK-RON or ZK-JON) but was the next rego on CAA's list back then.

The Maule was built in the US where it carried the registration N51434 before being registered here to David Lilico of Auckland on 31/8/73, but it did not arrive in the country until November 1974.  On 31/3/78 ownership changed to T C R Laver of Dannevirke and it has stayed in the Dannevirke area ever since, transferring to T C R Laver and J C and J P Riddell on 14/8/87 then to J C and J P Riddell on 4/10/04.

Thanks for the photo Ron.

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