Saturday 10 December 2022

Westland Scout ZK-HVD arrives at Rangiora.

The Westland Scout AH/1 with the c/n F.9704 was built for the UK's Army Air Corps in 1967
 and allocated the serial XV129.
Withdrawn from use in 1995 it was auctioned off by the MoD on 10-10-1995 as sold to New Zealand.

It was stored in Auckland for a while before popping up on the New Zealand register as ZK-HVD2 on 21-10-1999 with Metro Air Ltd of Christchurch.
It first flew from their yard on Harewood Road, Christchurch on 07-11-1999 and is seen below on 10-11-1999.
Above and below at Harewood Road on 10-11-1999

It was listed to the Ford Family Trust of Stratford on 09-08-2001 and operated under the Heli-Logging name.
It is seen here - above and below - at Wanaka on 09-04-2004 in a different paint scheme and wearing Heli-Logging titles.
Wanaka 09-04-2004

It was off the register for a short time between 16-04-2008 and 19-11-2008 when it reappeared listed to The Wessex Trust of Stratford.
Its registration was revoked on 21-11-2013.

It has now become part of the New Zealand Helicopter Heritage Museum collection at Rangiora.
Noted going into storage at Rangiora on 09-12-2022.

This is the second Westland Scout gifted to the Museum by Mark Ford/Heli-Logging after ZK-HUK2.

It arrived along with the Hiller UH12 VH-HJW ex ZK-HJW.


  1. I was told by the Helicopter Heritage Museum that the Hiller was ex ZK-HUO ?

  2. Oh dang.
    Is this going to cost me a chocolate fish ?