Monday 5 December 2022

Rutan Long Eze ZK-KRS at Tauranga

Chris Hoskins built two other Long Ezes (ZK-LEZ and ZK-LET with Grant Nicholls) before building ZK-KRS.  However ZK-KRS was quite heavily modified with Berkut style canopies and a fully retractable undercarriage.  It also had a heavily modified Mazda rotary engine that produced 240 HP and was projected to give a top speed of around 200 knots.  It was a long term project and I saw over many years it as it came together in Chris's hangar at Tauranga airport.

ZK-KRS (c/n CH007) was registered to C J Hoskins of Mt Maunganui on 14/10/22.  It is photo'd here with permission in Chris's hangar where you can see the Berkut style canopies.

I understand that it made its first test flight on 27/11/22 and it is photo'd above during that flight.

Sadly it suffered an engine problem on take off from Tauranga airport on 29/11/22 resulting in it making a forced landing in the shallows of Tauranga Harbour.  Fortunately the pilot was not injured.

Thanks to Mark and Corrin for the use of their photos. 

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  1. Can you please get Chris to contact an old friend Alison Dalgleish I have some news for him please