Tuesday 31 March 2009

Departed ZK-JCV

Rockwell International 112 VH-IDK c/n 488, was ferried into NZ by John Verleun via Norfok Island, reaching Auckland where it was registered to John on 16-05-06 as ZK-JCV2 and was named "Midnight Express". It flew out from Kerikeri to Norfolk Island on the 18th of February(still with John driving it)and on to Bankstown for its new owner Mick Byrne of Perth with whom it became VH-RET on the 26th of March.

Interestingly the first ZK-JCV, a PA28-181 Archer 11, c/n 8090061, was re-registered from ZK-EST by John Verleun. This eventually became ZK-JAC3 and later VH-USV.
John should be well known for his earlier long distance ferry flights in Fletchers etc to overseas customers. I understand that JCV has in fact been used for long distance training flights whilst in NZ.

Question time # 41

I nice easy one for a start:-
1. Who manufactures this engine. ?
2. What model is it ?
3. What series is it ?
4. What is it installed in ?

No correspondence will be entered into .
& I've run out of chocolate fish.

Sunday 29 March 2009

Trivial Pursuit of sorts!

While admiring the photos Sir Minty captured over the weekend I spotted a flag on the winglet of Dynamic WT9 ZK-EWW and wondered to myself what it was all about.
A quick Google retreived another search engine, Wikipedia, and this drew me to conclude the flag was as depicted above. It is the Civil Air Ensign of New Zealand and dates back to 16 November 1938. According to Wikpedia, it is is usually flown from buildings associated with the civil aviation administration and it may also be flown by airlines. Does anyone know of this ensign adorning other aircraft in recent times?

The sun brings them out.

A really nice sunny down Christchurch way had many aircraft outside. Some that don't see the light of day very oft. Above is Tiger ZK-BCO after I had just partaken of my first ever biplane fight. Des Lines was kind enough to take me up from his Swannanoa strip. ZK-BCO is with the BCO syndicate and first flew after its latest rebuild on 31-12-2007.
At Rangiora the very dusty Zodiac CH601-HD ZK-ZED, c/n 3897, belonging to Don Free was out :- not to fly but to allow the Cessna 120 ZK-XTX , c/n 11759, out to take to the air. The owner is going to have the exterior tidied up during the coming winter; probably retaining the same general colour scheme (as applied by his father) and thinking about changing the Maule tailwheel back to a Scott model.
A stranger in our midst was the Pitts S-2A Special ZK-PIT, c/n 2020. Don't know where it came from & don't know where it went ! Last I heard it was at Napier with Sean Husheer, but it was pleasing to see it back down South.
Also exposed to the light for the first time for yonks was the Nostalgair N3 Pup ZK-FSK , c/n NZ001.
Chipmunks where squirreling about. Don Penniall's DHC-1A1 ZK-CVM2 c/n 34, came out to play and flew away; Whilst Jim Chapman popped in with his -1A1 ZK-ARL, c/n 61 [pic further below]. A third Chipmunk still lurked in Pat Scotters hangar. This was the recently registered ZK-CPY2. [See earlier blog on this one].
Rans S-10 Sakota ZK-CLT2 , c/n 200, was out getting a charge.

The rough part about the whole afternoon was when Jim Chapman jumped down out of his Chipmumk and thinking that I was Greaybeard !!

Gasoline Alley closed - Mangaweka

The Gasoline Alley service station and cafe at Mangaweka has closed its doors.
Pic above taken on 19-03-09.
I wonder what will happen to the "Cookie Time Monster" ZK-APK ?

ZK- Appended

Boeing Stearman E-75 N1391V as noted at Ashburton on 06-02-2009 during the SAA flyin. It became ZK-RDK on 17-03-09 using the initials of the new owner Richard David King. My initial search finds that it was built for the US military and carried the USAAF serial 42-17001 before becoming 61042 with the USN. On release from military service it eventually became N1391V. It carries the false markings of 41-61042 (based around its old US Navy serial of 61042). [Additional info and corrections most welcome]
Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel VH-WHZ which has been lurking around at Taupo for some time has finally hit our register as ZK-WJL (Winjeel) for G C Aviation. This is of 1955 vintage and was A85-404 with the RAAF until 1979 before joining the Australian civil register as VH-WHZ on 20-03-1981. This registraton was cancelled on 19-04-2002 for its export to NZ.

I believe that this colour scheme was never worn by this aircraft whilst it was in RAAF service, but added at a later stage in its civilian career.

ZK- Pending

Piper Aztex VH-MTY c/n 27-7654137 as seen in this less than ideal shot at Tauranga on 16-03-2009. Another one for Sunair and likely to become ZK-MTY.
Also at Tauranga on the 13th this DHC-2 Beaver VH-AQA c/n 1467 is under remanufacture by Frank Wright and is looking at becoming ZK-AQA. But it will be a day or two yet.
Tucked away in a dark corner of a hangar at Drury is this damaged Diamond DA40 Diamond Star N196DC with c/n 40-373. It was damaged on 10-05-2008 when it veered of the runway and into a ditch during a crosswind landing. Total airframe time is 601 hours. It was cancelled from the US register on 04-08-2008. Obvious damage is forward of the cockit, the wings, and the rear fuselage broken. A great project for some fibreglass whizz's
A very interesting Corby Starlet under construction at Rangiora. Norton powered. A real facinating project. More on this one later.

Saturday 28 March 2009

Northern Microlight Club Flyin at Silverdale

Around 18 sport aircraft took advantage of a lovely day to attend the Northern Microlight Club's flyin at Paul Hopper's airstrip at Silvedale, which is just North of Dairy Flat. I thought the flyin would be a local event, but there were aircraft there from as far away as Kerikeri, Waihi and Hawera.

Of the aircraft that may be new to readers of the NZCivair blog, I will post the following four. The first is Foxcon Aviation Terrier 200 ZK-SOD which is owned by A K Matthews from Warkworth, and with a nice multi-hued paint job. This was first registered on 6/12/04 and was for sale for $65,000. Maybe the new owner will change the registration!
This Aerospool Dynamic WT 9 ZK-EWW was visiting from Kerikeri. It is owned by K J Slattery and was first registered on 26/8/04. It has also been retofitted with winglets (the same as ZK-DYN of an earlier post).

The Waihi Aviation Group's Aero Design's Pulsar XP ZK-KFC also flew in with 2 POB and 1 DOG (who loves flying). This is the oldest of this group having been first registered on 17/4/97.

And lastly was this local Alpi Aviation Pioneer 200 ZK-DJC which is owned by D J Clack of North Shore. In spite of it having been first registered on 3/5/06, this is the first time I have seen this aircraft.

Friday 27 March 2009


A follow on from the earlier blog on this Reims/Cessna F406 Caravan 11 ZK-XLC, c/n F406-0012.

Ian Kershaw kindly sent the above pic showing XLC at Calgary in June of 2008; believed to be working for the Alberta Government on mapping of the water table.

More Masterton Pics.

These six shots arrived from the same source as the previous Balloon Pics. Taken at Masterton on 21-03-2009.
Above is "A1325" which turns out to be none other than ZK-BFR registered here on 25-03-2009 to The Vintage Aviator Ltd. It is ex G-BVGR using A1325 as its c/n. Said to be of around 1917 vintage and passed from the RFC to the Norwegians, eventually being donated to the Mosquito Museum in the UK. Ultimately turning up on the UK register in December 1993. It was acquired by the 1914-18 Aviation Heritage Trust and was shipped out to NZ. It was spied at Omaka without fabric in March 2005.
Now these other two machines are outside my scope of interest. Any suggestions with registrations (of the completed 6341 anyway !) ?
6341 was active along with the Pfalz and Helipro Squirrel ZK-HYN doing a photo shoot.

There is a swag of detail on http://thevintageaviator.co.nz/ and peek into Projects.

Others at Ardmore

Oceania have registered this AS350B Squirrel ZK-HKQ/3, on 18Mar09, and it was noted outside their facility at Ardmore for the first time today still sporting its Japanese lineage.

Zlin Z50LS ZK-ZSO was undertaking a number of maintenance flights and the owner mentioned some re-rigging had been done.

This had me wondering!

Bashing (ever so gently) the Ardmore circuit today is this little beauty, a Hatz CB2 ZK-PEC. First registered in Nov 2004 to a PE Carpenter of Kerikeri, it has moved to be with ME Vodane with an Ardmore PO Box number from February this year. I've not come across this little machine before and thankfully they were using the radio so I could get a registration as little else gives it identity away!

A load of hot air.

A dawn patrol at Masterton on 21-03-2009 found the Balloon competitions underway.
Above being a general view over the Lake.
As far as I understand; the mission for the morning was to wet your feet followed by dropping a marker into a target area. I must admit that I was surprised at the manoeuvreability of these great beasts in the fickle breezes of the early morn.
ZK-FAC2 is a Lindstrand LBL 90A with c/n 434 listed with John Clifton of Nelson since 01-04-2005. Its previous UK id of G-ULLS is faintly visible.
ZK-FAI is the Boland 38-8 c/n 147 with Craig Scott of Masterton since 06-06-2008.
ZK-FAN being a Cameron N-77 with c/n 3363 registered to Peter Mills of Queenstown since 02-02-1999. This is ex G-ITAL.
ZK-FAX belonging to Balloon Expeditions of Auckland since 25-01-2000 is a Kavanagh E-180 , c/n being KB222.
Nearest is the Kavanagh C-77 ZK-FBA3 c/n KB310 of Howard Watson of Wellington; with the Cameron O-65 ZK-KKH c/n 938 behind. This one has had a career in the UK as G-BKUD followed by a stint in Australia as VH-BKH. Now with Mark Wilton of Carterton.
ZK-FBQ is Kavanagh E-120 c/n KB125 of the Murray's. This was first registered here on 07-04-1994 having been originally registered as a Cameron A-210 since 15-11-1989 to J & D Hall.
It was originally listed in the US as N2979A in 1984. Correct me if I am wrong; but from this I assume the type change comes about with a "bag" change to a different type and that the registration belongs to the "basket".
ZK-LAR c/n 3601 is a Cameron C-80 Concept registered to Scott Cursons of Manukau. Initially regd on 27-06-1995 to Richard Grant of Christchurch.
Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 carries the initials of its owner; Murray J Carlaw to make it ZK-MJC with a c/n 1531. Ex UK and G-BSBN it was listed in NZ on 22-08-07.
Kavanagh D-105 ZK-PUF c/n D105-359 belongs to Denis Hall of Wellington. Has done since 26-03-2007.

Kubicek BB60 ZK-UPP with the c/n 451 for the Kiwi Balloon Co of Hamilton since 31-10-2006.
ZK-WON is a Cameron C-90 with c/n 10492. Has been with the Balloon Promoters since imported 18-12-2003.
ZK-WRU is the Cameron V-90 c/n 3038 of Mike Oakley of Hororata. Was originally G-MANI in the UK from 08-03-1993. First listed in NZ on 29-09-2003 with Peter Dunn.
& Last, A to Z speaking, was the Cameron A-210 ZK-XXF c/n 4300 from the Early Morning Balloons from Waipukarau. Been with them since 26-01-2000 following a period as G-BXXF from 02-04-1998 with Gone With The Wind Ltd of Bristol UK.
There was this unidentified (Coka Cola) balloon, which would not spin around to expose its registration. Any body ID it please ?