Friday 27 March 2009

More Masterton Pics.

These six shots arrived from the same source as the previous Balloon Pics. Taken at Masterton on 21-03-2009.
Above is "A1325" which turns out to be none other than ZK-BFR registered here on 25-03-2009 to The Vintage Aviator Ltd. It is ex G-BVGR using A1325 as its c/n. Said to be of around 1917 vintage and passed from the RFC to the Norwegians, eventually being donated to the Mosquito Museum in the UK. Ultimately turning up on the UK register in December 1993. It was acquired by the 1914-18 Aviation Heritage Trust and was shipped out to NZ. It was spied at Omaka without fabric in March 2005.
Now these other two machines are outside my scope of interest. Any suggestions with registrations (of the completed 6341 anyway !) ?
6341 was active along with the Pfalz and Helipro Squirrel ZK-HYN doing a photo shoot.

There is a swag of detail on and peek into Projects.


  1. Link is incorrect - correct link:

  2. Thanks James.
    I've corrected the original.

  3. I think "6341" is ZK-FEE which is a FE2B-1, a full sized replica of a Royal Aircraft Factory FE2B (which first saw service in 1916 and was in service until the end of WW1)ZK-FEE was registered to The Vintage Aviator on 13/1/09. I saw it in their assembly hangar at Masterton during the Wings Over Wairarapa airshow in January. They wouldn't let me take a photo at that time as it was due for an official unveiling later. The other uncovered aircraft looks like another FE2B-1 to me. It is quite amazing to me that this activity is going on in New Zealand today.