Thursday 5 March 2009

Great Barrier Island visitors 03-03-2009

Three visitors I noted during my period on the Island.

Above is the Piper PA-32 260B Cherokee Six ZK-ENZ2 c/n 32-1117. photographed at the Islands second airfield Okiwi. This Slab Wing was first registered in NZ as ZK-DBP to the Northern Districts Aero Club of Whangarei on 06-07-1970, having arrived from the US as N7715J on 26-06-1970. Four private owners later it was acquired by New Zealand Air Services Ltd of North Shore, dated 29-03-1994 to be re-registered as ZK-ENZ on 08-04-1994. It joined the Great Barrier Airlines on 15-12-1997.
These two Britten-Norman products seen at Claris Airfield.

Above is the BN2A Islander ZK-SFK c/n 236. This came to NZ from West Australia as VH-CPG, reaching Auckland on 28-09-1993. It became ZK-SFK for Southflight Aviation of Christchurch on 07-10-1993. It became Wings over Whales of Kaikoura from 14-11-2000 until picked up by Commercial Helicopters Ltd on 18-06-2005 who trade as Fly My Sky.

Below is the BN2A Mk111-2 Trislander ZK-LGC2 c/n 1042. This one has a rather convoluted history. I will just say that it initially had plans to become ZK-CJS with Great Barrier but at the end of the day it became ZK-LGC2 on 14-10-2008 replacing Trislander ZK-LGC1 which had only been cancelled on 02-10-2008.

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