Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Otter on the hard.

I captured this olde girl out of its element at Rorotua on 17-03-2009. I also managed the climb up into the drivers seat and got a pic of the manufacturers data plate.
As you can see it is a de Haviland Aircraft of Canada Ltd, DHC-3 Otter with S/N 35.
It even has a date of manufacture.
Built for the Royal Canadian Air Force and given the serial number 3677. It was delivered on 24-03-1954. I know it served time in Nova Scotia and also witrh the UN in Egypt. It was withdrawn from RCAF service in 1977 and turned up on the Canadian civil register as C-GOFA with the Ministry of Natural Resources. It then moved to the US and became N511BW (as per the manufacturers plate) in July of 1986 and returned to Canada on 2002 to become C-FXGA. It was noted at Tauranga in October of 2004 and became ZK-VAS with Volcanic Air Services of Rotorua on 16-11-2004.
If you can find a copy of Pacific Wings for August of 2005; there is an article on this machine on page 22.

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