Monday, 16 March 2009

Question Time #40 Resolved

Anonymous has correctly identified the aircraft as Yak 52 ZK-KGB, photographed recently here at Wings Over Wairarapa. This is the only Yak 52 that I have seen with a spinner and a 3 bladed propellor.

This aircraft was first registered in New Zealand as ZK-LJH to Coromandel Pharmacy on 9/7/96. Its registration was changed to ZK-KGB on 1/10/97 after an offer that could not be refused may have been made to the previous owner of the registration ZK-KGB (which was a Periera GP2 Osprey amphibian that was owned and built by K G Belcher of Auckland - this Osprey is still current as ZK-OSP).

After owners in Wanaka and Auckland, it is now owned by R M Grant of Dillingham, Alaska, USA.

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  1. the ex kevin jane machine yac had a white 3 bladed prop for a while