Tuesday 31 March 2009

Departed ZK-JCV

Rockwell International 112 VH-IDK c/n 488, was ferried into NZ by John Verleun via Norfok Island, reaching Auckland where it was registered to John on 16-05-06 as ZK-JCV2 and was named "Midnight Express". It flew out from Kerikeri to Norfolk Island on the 18th of February(still with John driving it)and on to Bankstown for its new owner Mick Byrne of Perth with whom it became VH-RET on the 26th of March.

Interestingly the first ZK-JCV, a PA28-181 Archer 11, c/n 8090061, was re-registered from ZK-EST by John Verleun. This eventually became ZK-JAC3 and later VH-USV.
John should be well known for his earlier long distance ferry flights in Fletchers etc to overseas customers. I understand that JCV has in fact been used for long distance training flights whilst in NZ.


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