Sunday, 29 March 2009

Gasoline Alley closed - Mangaweka

The Gasoline Alley service station and cafe at Mangaweka has closed its doors.
Pic above taken on 19-03-09.
I wonder what will happen to the "Cookie Time Monster" ZK-APK ?


  1. Best keep my eye on TradeMe! Now... where to put a DC3.

    In seriousness, there were a number of DC3 (most unservicable, but not by much) passed in at auction in Australia last week with very low bids, one just made $10,000 AU (not that the reserve was anywhere near that necessarily of course, they were passed in).

    Let's just hope that if it comes up for sale here that somebody will buy and preserve it.

  2. NOW RE-OPENED !! In-fact the building never actually closed as a business, just that Petrol is no longer available from there! It is now a Cafe selling great Coffee, and a tourist/booking centre for rafting and other action adventures in Mangaweka and along the Rangitikei River. Aeroplane has be repainted in the old NAC colours and open for viewing inside. Make sure you stop (and have a wonder around the characteristic old town) next time your passing on State Highway One.