Monday, 2 March 2009

Question Time #39

Blue Bus asked me to do a question time while he is "bussing off into the blue", so here goes.

I think that Blue Bus's question times are too hard what with only showing us a tiny bit of an aircraft, so I will show you the whole aircraft!

There are 3 questions to answer:

1. What type of aircraft is this? - make and model please

2. Where was the photo taken? (it is in New Zealand), and

3. What is the rebate around the cabin windows and up over the top of the fuselage for?


  1. DynAero MCR 4S parked at Ardmore. I suspect the rebate could be for a parachute but not 100% sure!


  2. Agree that it's a Dynaero MCR 4S. But I'm picking it's at Rangiora, and the rebate is for an optional slinding canopy.

  3. I agree with the type.
    Pic taken at NZAR.
    My guess that this rebate is for an inflatable cockpit seal of some sort, similat to that used on some gliders.