Sunday, 29 March 2009

ZK- Appended

Boeing Stearman E-75 N1391V as noted at Ashburton on 06-02-2009 during the SAA flyin. It became ZK-RDK on 17-03-09 using the initials of the new owner Richard David King. My initial search finds that it was built for the US military and carried the USAAF serial 42-17001 before becoming 61042 with the USN. On release from military service it eventually became N1391V. It carries the false markings of 41-61042 (based around its old US Navy serial of 61042). [Additional info and corrections most welcome]
Commonwealth CA-25 Winjeel VH-WHZ which has been lurking around at Taupo for some time has finally hit our register as ZK-WJL (Winjeel) for G C Aviation. This is of 1955 vintage and was A85-404 with the RAAF until 1979 before joining the Australian civil register as VH-WHZ on 20-03-1981. This registraton was cancelled on 19-04-2002 for its export to NZ.

I believe that this colour scheme was never worn by this aircraft whilst it was in RAAF service, but added at a later stage in its civilian career.


  1. Stearman ZK-RDK was built in 1945 as a Stearman PT-13D for the USAF as 42-17001, this later went to the US Navy as a Stearman N2S-5 bureau numbner 61042

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  3. I flew that Stearman (nicknamed "Betty") when it was based in Hayward, California.
    But I remember it as a PT-18, with a constant-speed prop.

    It was quite a lot of fun to fly!

    1. I'm sorry that 317 was given the name Betty. PT were not given names when in service because too many pilots flew the a/c. Other a/c that served in the military were given names by the pilots who flew them in service.