Wednesday 31 August 2016

Magnaman does Ardmore this afternoon

Magnaman did a second visit to Ardmore today and offers these three helicopter shots.
Above we have the Agusta Spa Construzioni Aeronautiche A109E Power VH-NPX (c/n 11505).
Previously registered as I-LAON and F-GLEI it became VH-NPX on 30-11-2007 with Heliflite Pty Ltd of Georges Hall, NSW before going on a four year lease to the Royal Australian Navy who gave it the serial N42-505 from 04-04-2008. 
After serving with 723 Squadron it was retired on 09-03-2012 and returned to the Australian Civil Register, again, as VH-NPX on 24-04-2012 with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group of Georges Hall, NSW. 
It was transferred to AugustaWestland Australia Pty Ltd of Melbourne Victoria on 06-02-2014.
It was seen today outside Heliflite at Ardmore.
Not too far away at Airbus was the Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 ZK-HQQ (c/n 2240). 
It came in from Japan and became ZK-HQQ with Skywork Helicopters Ltd of Warkworth on 16-12-2005.
Meanwhile down at the Oceania facility we see the Aerospatiale AS 350 B JA9223 (c/n 1077) receiving attention.
Like most Japanese helicopters it is pretty much a one owner machine.
First registered as JA9223 to Asahi Helicopters of Tokyo on 08-05-1979 and part of the Aero Asahi merger on 01-07-1982.
Its Japanese registration was cancelled on 25-07-2016

Afternoon visitors at Nelson

From Nelson this afternoon we see two more visitors as captured by Lord Nelson.
 The Murphy Rebel ZK-VAL2 (c/n 408R) was mostly built in Australia but - see link;-
Owner Neville Somerville from Cheviot dropped into Nelson for lunch today.
Our first Cessna 185 was ZK-CAK (c/n 185-0017).
It has been with Jason Deer of Wakefield since last August.
It got a bit of a mention earlier at :-
It wa busy thrashing the circuit this afternoon.

Where are they now # 2.

Where are they now ?
Where they are now ?

Cessna 401B ZK-EHS was c/n 402-0217
It has had a rather varied career.
Starting naturally enough in the State - In 1972 - it wore two US registrations before arriving in NZ as N7SA on 20-07-1976.
Dennis Thompson International Ltd registered it as ZK-EHS on 02-08-1976.
Follows is a brief list of known operators/owners.
Air Central Ltd of Taupo 19-10-1976.
Dennis Thompson International again.
Neil Jensen Aviation Ltd, Tauranga 28-05-1985.
Neil Jensen/Jensen Air, Tauranga 18-06-1985.
Pacifica Air, 1988
Sunair , 1989
Auckland Skydivers Inc, Auckland 22-02-1990.
Great Barrier Airlines Flight Operations Ltd, Auckland 29-01-99
Auckland Skydivers (Inc), Auckland 20-07-1999.
Venture Aviation Ltd, Taupo 29-12-2001.
DAS Syndicate (Taupo Tandem), Taupo 15-12-04.

Pic below at Taupo 08-04-2005.
To David P Cogan, Auckland 16-08-2006.
The following email is from Dave Cogan regarding the cancellation of his Cessna 402 ZK-EHS.
"Hi there
A little background on the aircraft.
Auckland Skydivers who were based at Whenuapai operated ZK-EHS as a skydiving aircraft for 10 years until 2001 when they were asked to leave the Base and find a new home. 
At that point the aircraft was sold to John Funnell’s tandem operation at Taupo.
John on sold to Taupo Tandem of Taupo.
In 2006 Dave Cogan (an experienced skydiver/pilot) purchased ZK-EHS off Taupo Tandem with the view of doing it up.
He had all the avionics upgraded along with state of the art Nav equipment installed. Basically giving it a new lease of life!
With the changes to the Part 43 maintenance rules it was going to require some very expensive SIDs to be complied with, and the discovery of some corrosion put end to Dave Cogan’s dreams.
The final listed owner was -
C402 EHS Ltd, (Dave Cogan) Auckland 25-10-2006.

Parts were listed for sale on TradeMe in November of 2007.
NZ registration cancelled on 29-01-2008 as parted out at Auckland.
Pic below taken at Ardmore on 21-03-2013.

As seen today (31-08-2016) by Magnaman at Gardens Early Childhood Centre, Mill Road, Takanini - With a stack of timber alongside.
Watch this space !

Magnaman does Ardmore this morning

 The Helilink Ltd's Aerospatiale AS 350 BA ZK-HBR2 (c/n 1386) - a long shot in the long grass.

Minus a vital piece from its back end is the Auckland Seaplanes Ltd's De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Mk1 ZK-WKA2 (c/n 1585).
'Furious Feather' is the Wollenwebers in their Global Campers Business Trusts much traveled Alpi Pioneer 200 XL ZK-PKT2 (c/n SN 97).
The PKT registration letters came from the original owners initial - P and K Thompson in 2006.

Nelson brief.

Lord Nelson captured these three visitors to Nelson Airport this morning.
 Cessna 185A ZK-CBS (c/n 1850398) now minus its hopper and fitted with seats was listed to the Windwhistle Syndicate on 20-04-2016.
 The Wings Over Whales NZ Ltd's Cessna 172N Skyhawk ZK-EKE (c/n 69940) is up from Kaikoura having its interior refurbished.
Also getting some interior work done is the Cessna 172S ZK-JQA (c/n 172S8703) as listed with the  Martin Schiebel Family Trust of Puhoi.

AS355 Twin Squirrel ZK-HML

Long serving Aerospatiale AS355F1 Twin Squirrel ZK-HML2 has been part of the South Island aviation scene since being first registered in October 1995. It spent much of its life with The Helicopter Line based at Queenstown, however as the operator upgraded to more modern Squirrel variants, ZK-HML and a couple of other Twin Squirrels were sold and ultimately transported by road to Ardmore where this example has been nicely tided up for resale by Airwork. It was out doing what appeared to be a compass swing and then parked at Airwork 30 August 2016 wearing the titles of its future operator, Windhawk Helicopters of Marlborough.

The helicopter also wears a small "VINDAQ" decal. 

Tuesday 30 August 2016

ZK-FSR one smart looking Airvan at Ardmore 30-8-16

Gippsland GA8 Airvan ZK-FSR msn GA8-06-099 of Stark Airlines Ltd of Hamilton arrived at their Ardmore base this afternoon. This is a new addition to the Airlines fleet and this countries latest Airvan. It arrived  into this country in a container from Sri Lanka it's previous home where it was registered 4R-DLZ. It was placed on the ZK register on 11-7-16

Don's Sportcruiser ZK-DEU again.

We posted a photograph of the Czech Aircraft Works Sportcruiser ZK-DEU the other day - see :-
Grayson Ottaway has now sent in a better angled view of Don's aircraft taken today (30-08-2016) at Tauranga.
 ZK-DEU2 is c/n 08SC150 and initially operated using the Slovenian S5-MMS registration.
As you can see below - this photo is nicked from the Airport-Data Com site.
It was registered to Don Urquhart of Upper Moutere on 23-08-2016.

Mosquito T III ZK-FHC Latest

Warren Denholm of Avspecs was interviewed on Radio Live this morning.  He said they are aiming for CAA certification and test flying of the Mosquito in the next 2 weeks.  Below is a photo I prepared earlier.

And he also said that the aim is to have ZK-FHC2 fly in the Battle of Britain flypast and be part of the NZ Warbirds public day on 18 September.  Yesss!!!

You can hear the interview at

Monday 29 August 2016

Where are they now ?. # 1.

The start of an occasional series of posts on ex NZ registered aircraft.
 The Alpha R2160 ZK-CTT2 (c/n 160A-07012) was one of about nine operated by CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd out of Hamilton Airport. It first flew at Hamilton on 26-07-2007.
The above pic was taken at Hamilton on 20-03-2008.
It along with its mates joined Hamilton Aero Maintenance Ltd on 31-10-2009 and then on to Alpha Aviation Manufacturing Ltd from 01-07-2010.
ZK-CTT was cancelled from the NZ register on 09-02-2011 as sold abroad.
It appeared on the UK civil register on 07-03-2011 as G-VZIM with Ian Hollingsworth of Wychbold, Worcs and is still current.
Above pic of G-VZIM comes from David Lunn - taken in 2014 - thanks to the UKCAA.

Titan Mustang ZK-TCV.

A nice photo taken today at Nelson by Lord Nelson of Alan Caudwells' Titan T51 Mustang ZK-TCV (c/n 0081).

Sunday 28 August 2016

Glasair Sportsmen(?) of New Zealand

The Glasair Sportsman was developed from the Glastar and it first flew in 2003.  It is bigger as a 2+2 seater, is easier to build, and structurally stronger to allow an increased MAUW of 2.350 pounds (1,065 Kg) (compared to the Glastar's 1,960 pounds/889 Kg).  The cabin and baggage areas are bigger, the standard tyres are bigger at 600 X 6 and a new flap system is employed.  The Sportsman also has a new cowling and the rear fuselage is chunkier as well as being one foot longer.  Standard power is also increased to between 180 and 210 HP with the most common engine being the 180 HP Lycoming O-360.

We have had three Sporstman models registered in New Zealand to date:

ZK-SPO (c/n 7071), a 2+2 taildragger model, was built by Graeme Donald of Feilding and was registered to Graeme B and Marie P Donald of Feilding on 6/9/06.  It originally had a Sub4 Subaru engine conversion with a 4 bladed Aerotek prop but it has subsequently been re-powered with a Lycoming O-360 and a 2 bladed prop as in these photos taken at Rangiora on 10/10/14.

Ownership transferred to the Donald's company Airventure NZ Ltd on 20/4/11.

ZK-SPZ (c/n 7422), a 2+2 tri-gear model, was built by Tim Harrison (of Sport Aircraft NZ Ltd, the New Zealand agents for Glasair), at the Glasair factory in Arlington, Washington under their "Two Weeks to Taxi" programme.  It was registered to Timothy J Harrison of Wellsford on 30/4/15 and it first flew on 1/8/15.  The above photo was taken at the 2015 Black Sands flyin at Raglan.

ZK-TTD2 (c/n 7379) is a Sportsman Carbon Fibre model that was built by Glenny Johnson with help from Lester Harris and LAME inspection by Barry Foster.  It was registered to Johnson Aviation Importers of Brightwater on 3/3/15.  The Sportsman Carbon Fibre has a carbon fibre fuselage shell which is lighter and stronger than the standard fibreglass fuselage, and it also has an increased MAUW of 1,134 Kg.  This is the second ZK-TTD with the first being Arthur Wells' Lancair 360 from Ashburton.  In a nice touch the engine, prop and instruments from the first ZK-TTD were incorporated into the new Sportsman ZK-TTD2.  Thanks very much to Glenny Johnson for the photo.

And now I am off to the Pacific too (with very poor timing Mosquito-wise!)

An hour at Rangiora - Sunday 28-08-2016

I passed through NZRT early this afternoon and captured these fine specimens.
 It is always nice to see a real tidy Cessna 180. 
In this case the locally based 180 ZK-BUJ c/n 32950.
Great to talk with you Richard.
I covered this back in April 2015 at :-
 Work continues on the assembly and certification of the Rotax 914 turbocharged powered Zenith CH701 STOL SP ZK-DBC3  (c/n 7-5464) at STOL Performance NZ at Rangiora for James Herlihy of Patearoa.
This first popped up on the US register as N510DM in October of 2005 with David Allerheiligen and Mike Burns of Fort Collins, Colorado - with ownership moving solely to Mike Burns in January of  2013.
The first ZK-DBC was a Cherokee Six 300 - now known as ZK-PDX, and the second allocation was a Roger Mann Ragwing PT2S.
 The Mike Godfrey Denney Kitfox IV ZK-KIV (c/n 1642) is feeling for the ground with Mike Small keeping a wary eye on proceedings from the right hand seat.
 A fine Sunday afternoon activity is watching somebody else doing the hard yards. 
In this case we have Trevor Shadbolt about to hangar his AutoGyro Calidus ZK-RCZ.
 Although listed with Paul Stewart of Christchurch since June of 2013 - this is the first occasion I have seen the Cirrus Design SR22 'GTS' ZK-VMA (c/n 1618). 
This previously served as ZK-YUG2 between late 2007 and mid 2013.
Just back from a fine Sunday jolly was Phil Richards and his Europa Classic ZK-MOF (c/n 130).
This will receive its correct size spinner in the near future.

Pacific bound Beech

Ronan Harvey and his Beech D18S N43927 (c/n A-26) are on the move.
Following some TLC by Callum and his team at Twenty24 at Wanaka, including a pair of new P and W 985's it has made its was up to Auckland.
 Above N43927 still on the jacks outside the Twenty24 facility at Wanaka.
Harvard '57' is ZK-TVI (T6).
 Looking sweet.
 Heading up Lake Hawea looking towards 'The Neck' and Lake Wanaka.
Nice to see that Vince's camera has picked up the Hamilton Standard prop swirl. 
Above - Parked up at Auckland with two young Friendships, two Metros, a similar aged DC3 and a modern day executive jet.
43927 is heading for a holiday up into the Pacific with Vince Gardner in the hot seat. It is expected back in NZ later in the year.
There have been several mentions of this lovely aircraft on this site previously.
Thanks to Vince Gardner for the pics.

Saturday 27 August 2016

ZK-FHC First Taxi 27-8-16

After a further engine run ZK-FHC did it's first taxi just after 15.00 with Avspec owner Warren Denholm at the controls.

ZK-FHC run's both engines for the first time 27-8-16

Just after 13.00 today both engines on ZK-FHC got fired up together for the first time, a great sight to both see and hear.