Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pacific bound Beech

Ronan Harvey and his Beech D18S N43927 (c/n A-26) are on the move.
Following some TLC by Callum and his team at Twenty24 at Wanaka, including a pair of new P and W 985's it has made its was up to Auckland.
 Above N43927 still on the jacks outside the Twenty24 facility at Wanaka.
Harvard '57' is ZK-TVI (T6).
 Looking sweet.
 Heading up Lake Hawea looking towards 'The Neck' and Lake Wanaka.
Nice to see that Vince's camera has picked up the Hamilton Standard prop swirl. 
Above - Parked up at Auckland with two young Friendships, two Metros, a similar aged DC3 and a modern day executive jet.
43927 is heading for a holiday up into the Pacific with Vince Gardner in the hot seat. It is expected back in NZ later in the year.
There have been several mentions of this lovely aircraft on this site previously.
Thanks to Vince Gardner for the pics.

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