Saturday, 13 August 2016

Rangiora hangar gems

Below we see two more aircraft noted at Rangiora on Friday 12-08-2016.
One of four Rans S-10 Sakota's on our register is ZK-SIO (c/n 0893163/MAANZ489).
See link below for the S-10 histories in NZ.
Brent Thompson picked it up from 29-12-2010 and began a back to bones rebuild in about 2014 at Rangiora. It has now outgrown Brent's workshop and is now assembled in one of the general hangars awaiting finishing touches.
One that has come out of the woodwork - so to speak - is this TEAM Hi-Max project which was started by Jeffery Bryant about twenty five years ago. The wings and basic fuselage had been done but for reasons various it was never completed. It was acquired recently from the rafters of a nearby hangar by Graeme Main and work is now underway with the help of Chris Pennell to complete this project.
You may remember that Jeff has operated the Piper Colt ZK-BSL, Jodel DR1051 ZK-JOD, Pterodactyl Ascender ZK-EYZ. Solo Wings Windlass Aquilla ZK-MDM and the Bernard Webb Spyder Monoplane ZK-WEB and probably others that have slipped my mind.
It is in good hands because Graeme Main has owned/operated/built the Ultralight Flight Phantom ZK-EGS, Thruster Gemini ZK-FLS, Kolb Twinstar ZK-FVK, Rand KR-2 ZK-KRJ, Facet Sapphire ZK-SAP, Pulsar ZK-KEN, Skyranger ZK-MAI, Jodel D.18 ZK-JPK and ZK-JVG, the Bobcat ZK-JKI, plus the Alpi 200 ZK-MGK.
Meanwhile Chris has had the B10 Bantam ZK-KGG, Hi-Max Minitwin ZK-JEB and the Jodel D.18 ZK-JPK.
Again I have probably overlooked some.

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