Wednesday 31 August 2016

Where are they now # 2.

Where are they now ?
Where they are now ?

Cessna 401B ZK-EHS was c/n 402-0217
It has had a rather varied career.
Starting naturally enough in the State - In 1972 - it wore two US registrations before arriving in NZ as N7SA on 20-07-1976.
Dennis Thompson International Ltd registered it as ZK-EHS on 02-08-1976.
Follows is a brief list of known operators/owners.
Air Central Ltd of Taupo 19-10-1976.
Dennis Thompson International again.
Neil Jensen Aviation Ltd, Tauranga 28-05-1985.
Neil Jensen/Jensen Air, Tauranga 18-06-1985.
Pacifica Air, 1988
Sunair , 1989
Auckland Skydivers Inc, Auckland 22-02-1990.
Great Barrier Airlines Flight Operations Ltd, Auckland 29-01-99
Auckland Skydivers (Inc), Auckland 20-07-1999.
Venture Aviation Ltd, Taupo 29-12-2001.
DAS Syndicate (Taupo Tandem), Taupo 15-12-04.

Pic below at Taupo 08-04-2005.
To David P Cogan, Auckland 16-08-2006.
The following email is from Dave Cogan regarding the cancellation of his Cessna 402 ZK-EHS.
"Hi there
A little background on the aircraft.
Auckland Skydivers who were based at Whenuapai operated ZK-EHS as a skydiving aircraft for 10 years until 2001 when they were asked to leave the Base and find a new home. 
At that point the aircraft was sold to John Funnell’s tandem operation at Taupo.
John on sold to Taupo Tandem of Taupo.
In 2006 Dave Cogan (an experienced skydiver/pilot) purchased ZK-EHS off Taupo Tandem with the view of doing it up.
He had all the avionics upgraded along with state of the art Nav equipment installed. Basically giving it a new lease of life!
With the changes to the Part 43 maintenance rules it was going to require some very expensive SIDs to be complied with, and the discovery of some corrosion put end to Dave Cogan’s dreams.
The final listed owner was -
C402 EHS Ltd, (Dave Cogan) Auckland 25-10-2006.

Parts were listed for sale on TradeMe in November of 2007.
NZ registration cancelled on 29-01-2008 as parted out at Auckland.
Pic below taken at Ardmore on 21-03-2013.

As seen today (31-08-2016) by Magnaman at Gardens Early Childhood Centre, Mill Road, Takanini - With a stack of timber alongside.
Watch this space !

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