Thursday, 18 August 2016

Another NZRT batch.

Another three Rangiora based aircraft noted yesterday (17-08-2017).
 Back from another sortie was  Mike Fleming's Druine D.31 Turbulent Ultralight ZK-CFX (c/n 1009).
Above we see the Pat Scotter Tri-R Kis-TR4 Cruiser ZK-TUF (c/n 44).
 Note Cessna 180 ZK-BJV (c/n 31452) in the background - goodness only knows when it last flew.

Below a consecutive registration - Aeropro EuroFox 3K ZK-TUG2 (c/n 38213) awaits delivery to the Kaikoura Aero Club.
All three have featured on these pages previously.


  1. The guys need to check the Rudder Cable attachment bolts as one we have here had threaded bolts all the way through and was slowly starting to eat away at the cable shackle. It needs the proper non threaded version.

  2. Also like to add this as it came from Factory picked up in Permit inspection.

  3. Thanks Nick.
    I have forwarded your remark on to Pat.