Wednesday 31 August 2016

Magnaman does Ardmore this afternoon

Magnaman did a second visit to Ardmore today and offers these three helicopter shots.
Above we have the Agusta Spa Construzioni Aeronautiche A109E Power VH-NPX (c/n 11505).
Previously registered as I-LAON and F-GLEI it became VH-NPX on 30-11-2007 with Heliflite Pty Ltd of Georges Hall, NSW before going on a four year lease to the Royal Australian Navy who gave it the serial N42-505 from 04-04-2008. 
After serving with 723 Squadron it was retired on 09-03-2012 and returned to the Australian Civil Register, again, as VH-NPX on 24-04-2012 with Australia and New Zealand Banking Group of Georges Hall, NSW. 
It was transferred to AugustaWestland Australia Pty Ltd of Melbourne Victoria on 06-02-2014.
It was seen today outside Heliflite at Ardmore.
Not too far away at Airbus was the Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 ZK-HQQ (c/n 2240). 
It came in from Japan and became ZK-HQQ with Skywork Helicopters Ltd of Warkworth on 16-12-2005.
Meanwhile down at the Oceania facility we see the Aerospatiale AS 350 B JA9223 (c/n 1077) receiving attention.
Like most Japanese helicopters it is pretty much a one owner machine.
First registered as JA9223 to Asahi Helicopters of Tokyo on 08-05-1979 and part of the Aero Asahi merger on 01-07-1982.
Its Japanese registration was cancelled on 25-07-2016

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