Monday, 29 August 2016

Where are they now ?. # 1.

The start of an occasional series of posts on ex NZ registered aircraft.
 The Alpha R2160 ZK-CTT2 (c/n 160A-07012) was one of about nine operated by CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd out of Hamilton Airport. It first flew at Hamilton on 26-07-2007.
The above pic was taken at Hamilton on 20-03-2008.
It along with its mates joined Hamilton Aero Maintenance Ltd on 31-10-2009 and then on to Alpha Aviation Manufacturing Ltd from 01-07-2010.
ZK-CTT was cancelled from the NZ register on 09-02-2011 as sold abroad.
It appeared on the UK civil register on 07-03-2011 as G-VZIM with Ian Hollingsworth of Wychbold, Worcs and is still current.
Above pic of G-VZIM comes from David Lunn - taken in 2014 - thanks to the UKCAA.

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