Friday, 27 March 2009

A load of hot air.

A dawn patrol at Masterton on 21-03-2009 found the Balloon competitions underway.
Above being a general view over the Lake.
As far as I understand; the mission for the morning was to wet your feet followed by dropping a marker into a target area. I must admit that I was surprised at the manoeuvreability of these great beasts in the fickle breezes of the early morn.
ZK-FAC2 is a Lindstrand LBL 90A with c/n 434 listed with John Clifton of Nelson since 01-04-2005. Its previous UK id of G-ULLS is faintly visible.
ZK-FAI is the Boland 38-8 c/n 147 with Craig Scott of Masterton since 06-06-2008.
ZK-FAN being a Cameron N-77 with c/n 3363 registered to Peter Mills of Queenstown since 02-02-1999. This is ex G-ITAL.
ZK-FAX belonging to Balloon Expeditions of Auckland since 25-01-2000 is a Kavanagh E-180 , c/n being KB222.
Nearest is the Kavanagh C-77 ZK-FBA3 c/n KB310 of Howard Watson of Wellington; with the Cameron O-65 ZK-KKH c/n 938 behind. This one has had a career in the UK as G-BKUD followed by a stint in Australia as VH-BKH. Now with Mark Wilton of Carterton.
ZK-FBQ is Kavanagh E-120 c/n KB125 of the Murray's. This was first registered here on 07-04-1994 having been originally registered as a Cameron A-210 since 15-11-1989 to J & D Hall.
It was originally listed in the US as N2979A in 1984. Correct me if I am wrong; but from this I assume the type change comes about with a "bag" change to a different type and that the registration belongs to the "basket".
ZK-LAR c/n 3601 is a Cameron C-80 Concept registered to Scott Cursons of Manukau. Initially regd on 27-06-1995 to Richard Grant of Christchurch.
Thunder & Colt Ax7-77 carries the initials of its owner; Murray J Carlaw to make it ZK-MJC with a c/n 1531. Ex UK and G-BSBN it was listed in NZ on 22-08-07.
Kavanagh D-105 ZK-PUF c/n D105-359 belongs to Denis Hall of Wellington. Has done since 26-03-2007.

Kubicek BB60 ZK-UPP with the c/n 451 for the Kiwi Balloon Co of Hamilton since 31-10-2006.
ZK-WON is a Cameron C-90 with c/n 10492. Has been with the Balloon Promoters since imported 18-12-2003.
ZK-WRU is the Cameron V-90 c/n 3038 of Mike Oakley of Hororata. Was originally G-MANI in the UK from 08-03-1993. First listed in NZ on 29-09-2003 with Peter Dunn.
& Last, A to Z speaking, was the Cameron A-210 ZK-XXF c/n 4300 from the Early Morning Balloons from Waipukarau. Been with them since 26-01-2000 following a period as G-BXXF from 02-04-1998 with Gone With The Wind Ltd of Bristol UK.
There was this unidentified (Coka Cola) balloon, which would not spin around to expose its registration. Any body ID it please ?


  1. The red Coca-cola balloon is owned by Michael Shouse and is registered in the USA. Don't know the full registration, but it is an N reg.

  2. Thank you for that Anonymous.
    That narrows it down a good bit.

    & I see that I could not spell Coca-cola correctly.