Saturday 3 December 2022

Zenair STOL 750 ZK-DUR

Joining our civil aircraft register back on 13-10-2022 was the Zenair STOL CH750 ZK-DUR c/n 75-11429 with Doug Anderson of Rangiora.
A slightly bigger brother to the CH700 STOL with wider fuselage, extra side windows with bulging doors, modified min undercarriage.
In this case Doug has chosen the Honda Viking 130 engine.
The project began about August 2021 and has been helped along with considerable input from Ray Corbett who is the "R" in the registration (and also in Doug's Savannah ZK-SDR).
Making good progress at Rangiora on 05-05-2022.

As noted at Rangiora on 01-12-2022.
Next project is a ICP Ventura two-seater with Rotax 915 and variable pitch prop.

For your info C/n 11430 is coming together just a few hangars over.

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