Tuesday 21 June 2016

Super Cub ZK-BRY

One of the many Piper PA-18's imported by Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch was the PA-18A-150 ZK-BRY. With a construction number of 18-5687 it was registered here on 07-05-1957 and gained its NZ CofA on the 28th.
Ownership was transferred from Airwork (NZ) Ltd to Cookson Airspread Ltd of Wairoa from 02-05-1957.
Below is a photo from an unknown source of it at Wairoa - looking all very spic and span for an ag aircraft..
Below another view of her - on an unknown date at Feilding  - from the Allan Wooller collection.
It remained with Cookson until 07-07-1971 when it moved over briefly to Feilding with Manawatu Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd; and then to Wanganui for J A Chesswas from 11-07-1972.
 Above we have ZK-BRY minus hopper and in a new paint scheme at Wanganui.
I believe a Ken Meehan photo.
 Now two shots of her at Wellington in December of 1972.
Above - Note the fuselage side baggage door and the metal cover on top of the fuselage aft of the wing trailing edge.
Above we have a monochrome pic showing the East Aviation/Wellington Aero Club hangar in the background.
Above - as seen at Masterton in 1973 from Allan Wooller.
The next owner was Don B Mahon of Queenstown from 03-02-1977 who purchased it to replace his sold Cessna 180 ZK-BJY.
It had a bit of an oopsie at Big Bay on 09-04-1984 and not long after repairs it was sold to the Taranaki Gliding Club, then based at German Hill, and listed to them on 14-04-1986 in a dashing colour scheme.
It actually arrived a couple of months earlier as can been seen from the three pics below taken at New Plymouth Airport on 28-01-1986

Below we see it at German Hill on 02-02-1986
Next in line was the Sport Aviation Partnership of Hawera from 07-05-1996 -
 Above shot at Tauranga on 07-08-1996 thanks to Peter Lewis.
Then at Omarama on 09-04-1998.
- followed by the RNZAF Base Auckland Aviation Sports Club Inc from 17-07-1998.
By 13-11-1999 it was listed to the Hauraki Aero Club (Inc) at Thames.
Frank Wright of Tauranga took it on from 29-01-2002 and he did a major rework on it including the 160hp upgrade before selling it. 
31-03-2004 at Tauranga
It went to The Old Lake Trust of North Shore City from 11-05-2004.
It appears to have been based and hangared at Tauranga alongside the Cessna 182Q ZK-RDJ2 -
Above - at Tauranga on  20-11-2012
- until a recent sale to B B aviation of Feilding took place on 01-05-2016.
Sean Perrett flew it down to its old home at Feilding where it will be on line and available for Cub ratings.


  1. she was repainted in the red and white while in hawera

  2. The first shot appears to be at Feilding and if I'm not mistaken the second one is at Gisborne over in the Cookson Corner?

  3. That first shot is mine, Feilding 17Feb1966.