Monday 13 June 2016

A North Shore Aircraft Heading South

In my last post I posted about a couple of aircraft that were newly based at North Shore.  Here is one that is going the other way.

Beagle B 121 Pup Series 2 ZK-CYP2 (c/n B121/044) was registered to PJ Pont of Wanaka on 3/6/16, having been owned by Dr Paul Smedley at North Shore since 11/5/04.  I have posted about this aircraft previously at  It no longer has Dr Paul's Beagle Pup on the tail, and I think it is no longer named Betty B.

It is appropriate that the Union Jack is hanging at the rear of the hangar as it shows the Pup to be painted in best of british colours.


  1. What is hiding under the blue tarpaulin at the rear of the hangar

  2. It is the DH 104 Dove ZK-DHW which hasn't yet been exported (you can see the colour fuselage stripes if you look closely).

  3. ZK-DHW was cancelled from the NZ Civil Register on 15/6/15 as Exported.

  4. ZK-CYP is currently for sale on Trade Me