Monday 20 June 2016

Feilding today in the rain # 1

Allan Wooller popped into Feilding today and captured these shots today (20-06-2016).
 Piper PA-28-180 ZK-DGL (c/n 28-7305206) normally lives in the open hangar at Dannevirke with R Larsen and A Dahya.
 The Cessna 172M Skyhawk II ZK-DRP is c/n 17263519 and is listed with M F and D M Robbie near Eketahuna. 
It was delivered from Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd to Geyserland Airways (1974) Ltd at Rotorua in late 1974 and transferred to Pacific Aviation Ltd.
 The Grumman American AA5A Cheetah ZK-EFX (c/n AA5A-0679) hit the register on 08-02-1979 with New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd at Hamilton before passing to Air Gisborne later in 1979. Peter Mant of Wakatane was listed from 04-07-1999 followed by Dean Harnett of Shannon from 10-04-2009. Its registration was revoked on 07-04-2011.
 Partenavia P68B ZK-MYF is c/n 123 and began its NZ life as ZK-ERA in December of 1978. re-registered it as ZK-MYF on 11-02-2005. 
Current owner is listed as NZICPA Ltd.
This is a short was of saying 'New Zealand International Commercial Pilots Academy Ltd'.
 This Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain also had a previous life - as ZK-MCM from mid 1982 with The Mount Cook Group. 
It was acquired by Ltd on 15-04-2011 and re-registered as ZK-MYS on 07-12-2004.

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  1. drp what a scheme and i thought 172 lcl was bad