Tuesday 18 October 2022

Some Other Aircraft at the Tiger Club Flyin at Taumarunui

 As well as the Tigers, Gipsy Moth and Piper Cub I have already posted, there was a good selection of other aircraft on the airfield at Taumarunui on Saturday.  Of other biplanes there were two Stearmen and an EAA Acrosport II, then there were two Harvards (and a Texan), a Chipmunk, a locally based Bantam, a Carbon Cub, Glasair and Glastar taildraggers, my Jodel D 9, a Bolkow Junior, the Sling TSi that I have already covered and a smattering of Cessnas and Pipers.  Here are some of them:

Stearman 77 ZK-BOE2 from Auckland

And also from Auckland, Stearman ZK-RJS2

Ex South African Air Force Harvard 7660 ZK-XSA from Blenhiem

Howard Bradley flew in the competitions in his locally based Bantam  B 22S ZK-SBR 

Bernice Hintz flew over from Hawera in her Bolkow Junior ZK-CJE that is in new colours.

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