Tuesday 25 October 2022

A Nelson cover up.

 On Saturday 22nd Bill Mannix captured the RAAF Hercules C130J "Aussie 807" on an approach and overshoot on Nelson's runway 02.
Interesting tail markings !

Today at Nelson the Georgie Hill Station Partnerships two Cessna 172's were parked up under wraps.
The 172N ZK-TRS2 c/n 17268450, a 1977 model, came in from Colorado USA for Matthew McCaughan of Geordie Hills Station from October of 2007.The Cessna 172M ZK-WAX c/n 17262857 was delivered as N13582 to Australia to become VH-WAX on 15-07-1974. It was noted at Auckland on 14-04-1993 and became ZK-JCG via Air Flite South for Bill Sutherland of Waikaka from 14-06-1993. 
Bill re-registered it as ZK-WAX on 05-07-1993, sold it to the Evans Percy Syndicate of Hamilton in May of 1999 who in turn flicked it on to Geordie Hills in August 2011.

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