Tuesday 1 November 2022

Homebuilt Helicopters of New Zealand - Alpine Aviation T500

In my previous post on Revolution Mini 500K helicopters of New Zealand, I referred to the Mini 500K ZK-HOB2 being converted to a 2 seat turbine helicopter.

ZK-HOB2 was rebuilt as an Alpine Aviation Ltd T500 with a new c/n of 001 on 15/3/10.  The conversion was extensive with the helicopter being widened into a 2 seat helicopter with power coming from a Solar T62-2A turbine of 150 HP.  The conversion was carried out by Howard Jamieson and the new helicopter was registered to Alpine Aviation Ltd on 15/3/10.  It is still current.

In this photo, also taken at Ashburton on 22/4/10 you can clearly see the 2 seats.

And in this photo you can see the wider cabin of ZK-HOB2, which compares to the earlier version of itself below.  Should this helicopter be more correctly described as ZK-HOB3?

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