Sunday 6 November 2022

More Sands Further North on 5-11-2022

The Northern Aviators Club hosted by the Kaitaia Aero Club also arranged beach landings yesterday.  The same favourable tides that influenced Black Sands also applied on 90 Mile Beach.  But the Kaitaia Aero Club went one better by putting on a lovely picnic lunch on the beach!  Here is a view of some of the beach landers at Kaitaia Airport for a safety briefing prior to setting off. 

An interesting thing about this photo is that it shows Salt Air's Grumman Widgeon ZK-CFA (which did not go to the beach).

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  1. If you wish to see photographs and video clips of ZK-CFA flying on 1st November, just over a week ago, including alighting on Lake Manuwai northwest of Kerikeri, go and join this Facebook group: Grant Harnish posted that CFA will never go into salt water again, but be confined to alighting on fresh water lakes.