Friday 4 November 2022

Aztec ZK-TCL Last Post

 One we haven't covered on the blog previously is the Piper PA 23-250 Aztec ZK-TCL (c/n 27-3528):

And it might be the last time on the blog as I understand it made its last flight today, from Paraparaumu (where the photo was taken) to Tauranga.  Ownership changed to Sunair Aviation Ltd of Mt Maunganui on 30/6/22.

It was ZK-DUB in a previous life, being first registered here in January 1974.  It was re-registered ZK-TCB in November 2005.

Thanks for being on the spot and for the photo Tim.

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  1. Very lucky to be there this morning, been in the planning for weeks! Today was D-Day and it went with out a hitch! Was lots of fun to photograph the event.