Sunday 13 November 2022

Slow trip up the Waitaki Valley.

 Back on the 7th of the month Roger Small from Leighbank Farm called into Oamaru to refuel his Vans RV14 ZK-LBK c/n 140075.
LBK was previously mentioned here  -

On the old airstrip on the edge of Kurow on the 11th was the Ultravia Pelican PL ZK-JHP c/n 529 which has been with Travis Golder of Omarama since July of 2020.
ZK-JHP was previously mentioned here -

At Omarama on the 11th the Cub Crafters CC11-160 Carbon Cub SS N114RA c/n CC11-00244 was active. It has been listed with Keith Essex of Anchorage, Alaska since mid-2020.

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