Sunday, 13 November 2022

Slow trip up the Waitaki Valley.

 Back on the 7th of the month Roger Small from Leighbank Farm called into Oamaru to refuel his Vans RV14 ZK-LBK c/n 140075.
LBK was previously mentioned here  -

On the old airstrip on the edge of Kurow on the 11th was the Ultravia Pelican PL ZK-JHP c/n 529 which has been with Travis Golder of Omarama since July of 2020.
ZK-JHP was previously mentioned here -

At Omarama on the 11th the Cub Crafters CC11-160 Carbon Cub SS N114RA c/n CC11-00244 was active. It has been listed with Keith Essex of Anchorage, Alaska since mid-2020.

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