Wednesday 23 November 2022

Hughes 369D ZK-HZI.

 The Hughes 369D ZK-HZI4 c/n 490487D was a winter project for Argus Aviation Ltd at Motueka and first flew there on 09-11-2022 with Nick Bates at the control.
From its c/n we can tell it was an April 1979 build becoming N66815 with Hughes Helicopters until a move to Canada where it become C-GPCE later that year with Liftair International out of Calgary. 
Its Canadian registration was cancelled on 14-11-1983 for it to become N4571V until returning to Canada to become C-FJJR with Vancouver Island Helicopters at Sydney, BC. 
This was cancelled on 29-10-1991 for it to become N4571V again but this time with Soloy Helicopters of Wasilla, Alaska from 31-10-1991.
It returned to Vancouver Island Helicopters from 06-06-1996 this time as C-FYED until being cancelled on 08-6-2000 for its move to Korea for Heli Korea with whom it became HL9143.
Noted at Motueka earlier this year it will go to its new owners at Taupo after completion of its test flying.

Below we see HL9143 at Daegu on 11-04-2021.

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