Friday 11 November 2022

Fusioncopter JK-2 Nano ZK-BEE/3 at Te Kowhai

Stuart Parker recently flew his single seat Fusioncopter JK-2 Nano ZK-BEE3 at Te Kowhai and Elton Haakma was on hand to video him flying it:

ZK-BEE3 (c/n FGC 014) was registered to Stuart Parker on 18/8/22.  

It comes under the US part 103 ultralight regulations that prescribe that the aircraft:
(1) Weighs less than 254 pounds empty weight, excluding floats and safety devices which are intended for deployment in a potentially catastrophic situation;
(2) Has a fuel capacity not exceeding 5 U.S. gallons;
(3) Is not capable of more than 55 knots calibrated airspeed at full power in level flight; and
(4) Has a power-off stall speed which does not exceed 24 knots calibrated airspeed.

Part 103 ultralights can be flown in the US without a pilots license but that is not the case in New Zealand where a standard microlight pilots license is required.  We have started to see several of these small nano machines registered in New Zealand recently - a couple of nano trikes and Stuart's gyrocopter.  

In this screenshot you can see how small it is - its length is 3.50 metres and the rotor diameter is 7 metres.  Stuart's gyro is fitted with the 50 HP Hirth F 23 engine which results in an empty weight of 115 Kg (254 pounds) and a MAUW of 235 Kg (518 pounds).

Stuart's yellow BEE is the second he has owned, his previous mount being the Poorboy PB-1 ZK-BEE2.  You can see details of this machine HERE

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