Wednesday 27 May 2020

Poorboy Aviation PB-1s (Only One) of New Zealand

Next up for new sport aircraft registrations in New Zealand in 2016 was the Poorboy PB-1:

The Poorboy PB-1 is a basic ultralight of blind rivetted aluminium tube and gusset construction with some 4130 tube in critical areas, and is fabric covered.  It was designed by Jim Hartung of Poorboy Aviation from Minot, North Dakota and is available only as plans.  The claimed building time is around 450 hours.  Specifications are:  length 20 feet, wingspan 25 feet and its wing area is 125 square feet.  Engines can be between 40 and 52 HP (a Rotax 503 produces 52 HP).  Empty weight is around 280 pounds (127 Kg) and the MAUW in New Zealand is 650 pounds (294 Kg).   The cruise speed is around 60 mph (52 knots) and the stall speed is around 28 mph (24 knots).

We have had only one Poorboy PB-1 in New Zealand to date:

ZK-BEE2 (c/n 215) was built by Stuart Parker of Ohaupo and it was first registered to him on 27/1/16.  Stuart said he chose the registration after a friend reckoned the colours looked like a bee.

It is powered by a Rotax 503 driving a 2 blade Ivoprop and Stuart told me that he flown around 60 hours in it to date.

I caught it at Te Kowhai on 20/12/16 on a lovely day for flying.


  1. hello , Please where can i find plans for this aircraft , thank you

    1. Hallo, ich bin auch auf der Suche nach den Plänen. Hattest du Erfolg. LG