Saturday 2 May 2020

DHC 2 Beaver ZK-BVA at Work

A lot of New Zealand Beaver enthusiasts were no doubt excited when Farmers Air Ltd of Gisborne purchased their "new" (1952 vintage!) Beaver ZK-BVA2 (c/n 245) in 2019, and it was even more exciting to topdressing Beaver enthusiasts when the company had plans to install a hopper.

Here is what we have previously reported about the Beaver:

Thanks to the Chief Pilot of Farmers Air, Andrew Hogarth, we have these photos of ZK-BVA2 on its first topdressing job, at Tangihanga Station on 11/4/20.  Andrew reported that the Beaver flew beautifully and that he had a smile on his face all day!

Andrew also says that the reason they bought the dual control Beaver is that it will provide a great pathway to teaching the ag pilot skill set to new pilots before they move on to the company's turbine Falcos (modified versions of the Pacific Aerospace P-750 XSTOL).

Andrew has also posted a neat video of him flying the Beaver HERE

Thanks very much to Andrew for the photos and the video.


  1. Brilliant way to start my morning, thank you!

  2. Nitpick! The Falco is a modified 750-XSTOL, not Cresco.

  3. Thanks for that Handbag. I have changed it

  4. To promote elegance in the skies, all Fletchers should be replaced with these things.