Monday 11 May 2020

Ron Day Remembers When

During the Lockdown Ron Day has been going through some of his old aircraft photos and scanning them, and he has sent the following from the Tiger Club Rally at Bridge Pa aerodrome on 15/1/72:

 NZ Aerial Mapping's Monospar ST 25 ZK-AFF.

 Aerial Mapping's Beech AT 11 Kansan ZK-AHO.

 Marshall and Neville's Tiger Moth sprayer ZK-ANL.

 The Sport and Vintage Aviation Society's Proctor 5 ZK-AQZ.

 Tiger Moth ZK-APM.

 Auster Aiglet ZK-BAQ.

 The Canterbury Aero Club's Piper Cub ZK-BNO.

 Wing Walking Tiger Moth ZK-BSN.

 DHC 1 Chipmunk ZK-BSV.

And Jack Inder's Turbulent ZK-CGT.

Thanks very much for the photos Ron.  I would guess some others out there with time on their hands have scanned some old aircraft photos - how about sharing some of them?


  1. Hi Keith, Canterbury Aero Club Super Cub looks like ZK-BNO, not ZK-BNL. Cheers Ron

  2. Thanks Ron My mistake. I will change it.