Monday 18 May 2020

Central Lakes on Saturday.

CMM was on the move on Sunday departing Wanaka and calling at Queenstown.
Here are just a few of what was about.
 Just out of Wanaka was the Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-HSJ7 (c/n 1213) as listed with Andrew Davidson.
At Queenstown - three easy to shoot Squirrels. 
 ZK-IBV is an Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 with the c/n 3761 and has been with The Helicopter Line since November 2012.
Above we see Eurocopter AS 350B2 ZK-ICX (c/n 3969) which has been with The Helicopter Line since October of 2016.
 Eurocopter AS 350 B2 ZK-ICZ2 (c/n 4883) has been with them since April of 2017.
And a bit of a view of some of the other parked up flying machines.

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