Saturday 16 May 2020

MX Technologies MXSs (Only One) of New Zealand

We had a pretty interesting variety of first of type aircraft in 2015 and next up was the exotic MXS aerobatic aircraft.  I have posted about this aircraft previously as part of the Aerobatic Monoplanes of New Zealand series, but I include it here for completeness:

The MXS is a very high performance carbon fibre aerobatic aircraft that is built by MX Aircraft of North Carolina and it is a development of the earlier 2 seat MX 2.  It has full span ailerons and a roll rate in excess of 400 degrees per second and it is stressed to +/- 14G!  The MXS prototype first flew in 2007.

The MXS is 21 feet 4 inches (6.5 metres) long and its wingspan is 23 feet 9 inches (7.23 metres) and the wing area is 102 square feet.  Its empty weight is around 1,260 pounds (571 Kg) and the MAUW is 1,840 pounds (834 Kg) and the aerobatic maximum weight is 1,600 pounds (725 Kg).

We have had only one MX Technologies MXS in New Zealand.

ZK-MXS2 (c/n 0013) was built as N431TW and was registered to Doug Brooker of Auckland on 10/7/15.  It is a spectacular aircraft, and is photo'd above at Ardmore on 29/9/16 (when it was taxying out to be the chase plane for Mosquito ZK-FHC).

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