Sunday 24 May 2020

Vans RV 6 ZK-CAZ First Flight at Ardmore 23-5-20

After a 20 year building period Clive Whittfield's Vans RV 6 made its first flight at Ardmore yesterday, 23/5/20, in the hands of test pilot David Wilkinson.  He reckons it goes like a rocket!

ZK-CAZ2 (c/n 23083) was registered to Clive Whittfield on 12/7/19 and Clive has been finishing off the many last minute jobs at Ardmore since August 2018.  Congratulations Clive!

Clive's RV 6 brings the total of RV 6s in New Zealand to 14 (and there have been 9 RV 6As).  We will see more of them as another one has recently been imported from Australia as well as another RV 7 Which will bring the total of RV 7s and 7As to 28).  Popular aircraft those Vans!

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