Wednesday 20 May 2020

Aero-Kros MP 02 Czajkas (Only One) of New Zealand

The final new type of sport aircraft to be registered in New Zealand in 2015 was the Aero-Kros MP 02 Czajka:

The Aero-Kros MP 02 Czajka (Lapwing in Polish) is a Polish design that looks similar to the Pipistrel Alpha and the Skyleader GP One.  All are very streamlined carbon fibre high cantilever wing aircraft with T tails and tri-gear undercarriages.  All have similar empty weights and with 80 or 100 HP Rotax engines and have similar performance.  Specifications for the Aero-Kros MP 02 Czajka are:  length 6.30 metres (20 feet 8 inches), wingspan 9.7 metres (31 feet 10 inches) and the wing area is 110 square feet.  The empty weight is around 268 Kg (591 pounds) and the MAUW is 472Kg (1,042 pounds).  With a 100 HP Rotax ULS engine the cruise speed is around 110 mph (95 knots) and the stall speed with double slotted Fowler flaps is 40 mph (35 knots).  Aero-Kros no longer exists but the aircraft is still manufactured by HMS Aircraft, also of Krosno in Poland.

We have had only one Aero-Kros MP 02 Czajka in New Zealand to date, as follows:

ZK-PRO2 (c/n 07-11) was registered SP-SROB in Poland before being exported to New Zealand and registered to Robert W Prochownik of Auckland on 4/12/15.  I saw it in a hangar at North Shore airfield on 15/1/16, as photo'd above.

And Richard Currie caught it at Omarama on 28/8/19.  You can see the curved outer wing leading edge in this photo.

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