Saturday, 23 February 2019

Beaver ZK-BVA

Graeme Mills has kindly sent these photographs of the De Havilland Canada DHC-2  Beaver ZK-BVA2 ( c/n 245) of Farmers Air Ltd as taken at Gisborne on 01-02-2019 just prior to its departure to participate in the Healthy Bastards at Omaka.
Graeme has his own site which is well worth delving into.
ZK-BVA at Gisborne 01-02-2019 
Below is what the NZ Aviation News Magazine had to say about its
Another De Havilland of Canada DHC-2 Beaver Mk1 joins the register. ZK-BVA2 was built as an L-20A for the US Army – being re-designated as a U-6A in 1962. It was given the US military serial number 51-16791 and delivered to the US Army No:64. Command AF-1 on 09-05-1952. It was placed on the US civil register in December 1975 as N31544 still listed with the US Army, with a transfer to the Civil Air Patrol at National HQ at Maxwell Air Force base in February 1979. Ten years later, on 12-04-1989 it was re-registered as N77WK for International Publishing Corporation Inc of Woodstock Illinois with whom it remained until being cancelled on 14-04-1992 for a shift down to Australia where it became VH-BVA2 on 30-07-1992 with Tealjet of Condell Park NSW. It moved to HeliAust Pty Ltd, trading as Helijet Air Services Pty Ltd out of Mackay Queensland from 16-06-1998. It was damaged on Whitsunday Island on 19-10-2002. We next see it with Alan Sweeney of Hamilton Queensland from 05-04-2004 and then with Kennedy Aviation Pty Ltd down at Gunnedah, New South Wales from 02-06-2009. After a major rebuild not all that long ago it went to Albury for pre export work and then was ferried to Taree and Lord Howe Island on 08-01-2019, then on to Kerikeri and Hamilton on the following day. It was purchased by Andy Hogarth and registered to his Farmers Air Ltd of Gisborne on 28-01-2019 and is to be used as an introductory aerial sowing machine for budding Farmers Air pilots. To this end it will need to have a hopper fitted. The previous ZK-BVA was a Fletcher FU24 from 1957 through to 1972.      
 Two photos of ZK-BVA participating at Omaka on 03-02-2019 as seen by Andy Heap.

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  1. great plane,flys over my house sometimes in gisborne, fantastic engine sound.