Friday 8 February 2008

Cessna 182T Skylane ZK-SLL c/n 81084

The following has just came in from Blair Huston.
Its no longer fresh news for the magazine but very apt for these pages.
This aircraft initially had the Cessna test registration of N5169F dated 04-03-2002 before becoming N818CF.
Lycoming IO-540 powered & loaded with Bendix King avionics.
Has about 1100 hours
Now ZK-SLL ie Sky Lane Ltd.

Quote Blair.
"Just received my first copy of NZ Aero News ………great reading.

Im not sure if you are interested but I imported a 2003 182T from the US in Nov 07. It was Cessna’s executive hack & factory 182 demonstrator based in Kansas.

I flew it from Wichita Kansas to Oakland where it was ‘containered’ to Ardmore & reassembled by Flightline. It started life as N818CF & is now ZK-SLL.

It is now owned & operated by Sky Lane Limited based at Ardmore.

Regards Blair "
end quote.

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