Saturday 6 April 2019

B & F Technik FK 9 Mark IV(s) of New Zealand

There were 2 new types of sport aircraft registered here on 3/2/09, both B & F Technik models and both registered to Polaris Air Ltd of Mt Maunganui.

The B & F Technik FK 9 Mark IV is a development of the original mixed structure fabric covered aircraft that has been developed since 1989 into a composite airframe with a steel cockpit cage.  German Otto Funk had designed gliders and motor gliders since the 1970s and the FK 9 was his first commercial aircraft design with input from his son Peter.  Peter Funk and Dirk Brietkreuz formed B & F Technik in 1990 to produce the aircraft.  It was originally built at Krosno in Poland and construction is still done there but with final assembly being carried out in Speyer, Germany.  It has sold in quite large numbers and is still in production in its latest LSA form.  It is a conventionally laid out high wing tri-gear side by side 2 seater.  The wings can be removed or folded.

Specifications for the FK 9 Mark IV are:  length 5.85 metres (19 feet 2 inches), wingspan 9.85 metres (32 feet 4 inches) with a wing area of 124.9 square feet.  The empty weight is quite low at around 278 Kg (613 pounds) and MAUW is the standard 544 Kg (1.200 pounds) for a Class 2 Microlight in New Zealand.  With an 80 HP Rotax 912UL cruise speed is around 120 mph and the stall speed is around 40 mph.

We have had only one B & F FK 9 Mark IV in New Zealand to date:

ZK-RDW2 (c/n 09-04-378) was registered to Polaris Air Ltd of Mt Maunganui on 3/2/09.  It is photo'd above at the 2010 SAANZ Flyin at Tauranga on 5/2/10.

On 31/1/11 ownership changed to the RNZAF Aviation Sports Club (Gliding Section) of Whenuapai, where it is photo'd here on glider towing duties on 16/11/13.

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