Friday 12 April 2019

Jurca MJ 8 (Scale Focke Wulfe FW 190)s of New Zealand - ZK-YKZ

The next type of sport aircraft to be registered in New Zealand was the exotic Jurca MJ 8 ZK-YKZ which was imported from Switzerland and was first registered here on 11/2/09.

I have previously posted the history of Gilles Kupfer's 75% scale Focke Wulfe FW 190-D9 "Dora" at: but that 2012 post does not bring us up to date.

I do not think that the aircraft flew much in New Zealand.  It did test fly on at Wanaka on 20/3/09 and it was damaged in a ground loop, also at Wanaka, on 31/3/10.  However it was repaired as can be seen in this photo taken on 23/11/14.  The photo was taken in a hangar that Gilles Kupfer purchased at Wanaka and that he set up as a museum.  ZK-YKZ was cancelled from the register on 13/5/16 as Revoked.

Can anyone add anything more up to date to this story?

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