Tuesday 15 June 2010

Question time # 101 resolved.

Lincoln Sports ZK-BMV , c/n 1 , was built by Alexander Radford of Palmerston North in about 1932. By 1939 it was with Lex Radford and Lew Findlay. I believe it was damaged at about this time. Also on 21-04-1941 it had an engine failure and was damaged in the forced landing and did not fly again for another 30 years.
Sometime in 1946 Paul Beauchamp Legg(e) became the owner, then it moved on to Trevor Laugeson on 20-07-1959.
Stan Smith features about the mid 1960's followed by Wallace McNair followed by Robert J L McNair of Manurewa on 19-12-1991. The above pic was taken at Ardmore on 11-06-1973.
Stuart Tantrum is the listed owner from 28-09-2000.

By this stage it had a new front end. Photo in this wingless state was at Omaka on 14-02-2001.

As seen with wings fitted at Omaka on 14-04-2003 lurking with WW1 aircraft

It was withdrawn and cancelled from the register on 14-7-2004.

Then along comes the Fit and Proper People Syndicate who had it re-registered on 21-11-2006.
It is currently sitting, work in progress, at Rangiora

I noticed all four wings sitting on a trailer some time ago. Looked like all the woodwork was done and just needed covering.

The fuselage and engine appear to still need a little TLC.
Last two pics taken at Rangiora on 12-05-2009.

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