Friday, 18 June 2010

About to fly the coop........

At the holding point for runway 03 at Ardmore, Mike Condon photo
(the engine is running, the prop sitting at idle and I didn't have the box brownie set up to show that it was actually spinning!)

Pacific Aerospace 750XL P2-SDE (is this ex ZK-KBA c/n 166?) slid into Ardmore on the afternoon of 18Jun, presumably from Hamilton. After a brief stop the 750 paired up with Cessna 172 ZK-WKK which was to be employed as a photo ship and both aircraft departed just before 4pm, however the Cessna made a quick air turnback due to an oil problem so the 750 returned also. P2-SDE departed again a little later however I'm not sure if the photo shot took place or not. Greybeard was also on location so maybe able to advise.


  1. Where is this 750XL being exported to?

  2. P2 is Papua New Guinea. Heading to the operator whose marks it wears, Adventist Aviation Services. They have another 750 in service also, P2-SDB.